December 21, 2018

DIY Coke Can Planter

Howdy, everyone! Do y'all like drinking soda pop as much as me? I know soda is nothing but chemicals that are not good for me, but ask me if I want a Diet Coke and I'll sure as heck accept it! But then what do you do with the can after you've finished drinking it? I mean in theory you could collect the cans and get money for them in certain states, or you could recycle! Of course, in the States, that's kinda hard to do. So then you're left with 2 options: Throw them in the trash or MAKE A DIY COKE CAN PLANTER!! 

If you've been reading my blog for any extent of time then you know I am studying Landscape Architecture and LOVE plants.  I am a plant mom to so many different house plants (or was... they were babysat this past semester while I was abroad, and unfortunately didn't make it). I'm always looking for new ways to dress up my plants, or fake plants when I'm wanting to decorate the studio. After taste testing all the new Diet Coke flavors last spring, I found the bottles too cute to throw away so I had to find a DIY to create using them.  Would you believe it that Micheals was having a sale on their fake succulents at the same time?! The stars aligned, and obviously I had to make  DIY coke can planters with the cans.

And would I really have a DIY blog if I didn't document the process and post it online (although I am very behind on blog posts if we are being honest). 

Materials Needed:
Coke Cans
Fake Succulents

Step 1: Cut your coke cans in half. If you have a box cutter I feel like that is the easiest way, but if not scissors work too! be care full of the edges, you don't want them to be jagged and dangerous.

Step 2: Take the styrofoam and cut it into long cubes 

Step 3: Take your fake succulent and push it into the styrofoam centered and feel satisfied! 

Step 4: Hot glue the styrofoam to the bottom of the can

Step 5: Finally, put moss all around the edge of the can to cover up that styrofoam and now your ready to decorate a shelf or desk or whatever your heart desires!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! If you decided to make these feel free to use the hashtag #cherryblossomplantercan to show me your photos on Instagram! 

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