June 27, 2018

G. Hysmith Skate Park

Ever since 7th grade, I really wanted to learn how to skateboard. My parents even bought me a board when I was 12 so that I could learn. Of course, I'm a classic, accident-prone, clutz so my skateboarding career never really took off. Tony Hawk would be disappointed. 

I kept that skateboard though, trying every now and then to ride it, never really getting very far (pun intended). Ten years later and I can happily say I've officially stayed on that skateboard for longer than 2 seconds! As fate would have it, I'm with the "sk8ter boi" (yes, I did just make an Avril reference.) and he taught me how to ride! It started off to a rocky start but once I learned that I prefer to ride goofy (the term for basically riding left side dominate), I was able to make some good headway! Even can maneuver it a little to avoid obstacles! Noel tried showing me how to do some basic tricks, but I think he was getting a bit ahead of himself. 

When he decided to teach me, we looked up skate parks in the area and found one in South College Station, G. Hysmith Skate Park, and rode there. 

There was this little boy on his bike that was practicing in the pools, and he kept trying to show off for us, which was rather funny. Noel fell many times trying to do fancy tricks, all of which I caught on camera, you're welcome. Having been my first time at a skate park it was really fun! 

Of course, I wouldn't be much of a landscape architecture student if I didn't think about what went into designing the skate park. Honesty, after the experience I hope I get the opportunity to help design a skate park one day. I think it would be fun to play with the different elements to create a really amazing experience for skaters!

Do y'all skateboard? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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