June 27, 2018

Alpaca and Wine Festival

Let's be honest, Noah Davis from the latest season of American Idol is all of us when it comes to alpacas. Who wouldn't want an alpaca companion? They are fluffy, cute, and come in pairs! You know what else pairs well with Alpacas? Wine! That's why Peach Creek Vineyard's Alpaca and Wine Festival was the perfect start to Spring Break (I know, It's almost July... I'm a little late to blogging).

At the beginning of spring break, my good friend Lilo and I went to the Alpaca and Wine Festival, mainly for the alpacas but wine is always a nice touch. That's where I met the loves of my life, aka the five cute alpacas that where there! This was my first time ever really seeing Alpacas in person, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

As cute as Alpacas are, it was really interesting to learn more about them and their behaviors from the owners of Bluebonnet Hill Alpaca Farm. For example, when Harvey came through, they just let the alpacas out of the farm because they'd be able to find better shelter than if humans tried to shelter them. Really neat! Also, the fluffy guys had a lot of spunk! There were three young ones and two "teenage" ones. Needless to say, the teenaged ones had attitudes.

Of course, it's not an alpaca and wine festival without wine! There was a long line for the wine, but luckily Lilo and I were the last two people to get some frozen Port. It was nothing short of amazing! Plus, it was really hot for early March, so cold wine was so refreshing! After we got our wine, we just went and chilled in the field and talked.

All in all, if they have this event next spring, I am totally going!

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