March 15, 2018

DIY Photo Clips

I think one of the cutest decoration trends right now is fairy lights and photos hanging on them! I feel like anytime I'm watching one of the "beauty vloggers" youtube videos I always see them in the backdrop. They really do make a cute background that is also very personal. 

After the fall semester came to a close in December, I stuck around campus for a few days to unwind in my apartment. Well Y'all know me, I love to craft. So during those days, I made a few room decor improvements! This included hanging up some fairy lights, printing out some photos, and hanging them up. I found these adorable clear clips, but I thought maybe I'd spice up a few photos with DIYed photo clips.  Not going to lie, these are Valentine's day themed because I originally wanted to get this post out for valentine's day (Y'all architecture is hard, I hardly have time to sleep, let alone blog)

I hope you enjoy these!

Materials Needed:
Clothes Pins
Scrapbook Paper

First, trace the outline of the clothespin on to the scrapbook paper. Next, cut it out and glue it onto the clothespin. Then cut a small portion of the ribbon and hot glue it to the back of the clothespin. Be sure not to accidentally glue the pin shut. Next, take your little heart (I found mine at the dollar section of Target) and glue it to the end of the ribbon. Now you can hang your photos up on your own fairy lights! Super simple right? But also super cute!

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