December 11, 2017

DIY Pokemon Craft

So, I heard you wanna be a Pokemon master? Wanna catch 'em all? Well, good thing you stopped by because boy do I have the DIY Pokemon craft for you! Who needs poke balls when you could carry around your favorite Pokemon in style? And by style, I, of course, mean in a cute personalized suite case for your favorite little pocket monster! "Come with me the time is right, there is no better team" to make this awesome craft! (Too cheesy using the lyrics?) 

Materials Needed:
Wooden Mini Suitcase
Air Dry Clay
Glossy Mod Podge
Colored Paper
Optional: fake water, fake trees, moss, etc.

To begin, you'll want to use a brown paint to give color to your wooden suitcase. Only paint the outside of your suitcase and the inner edge. I had to use about 2 coats of paint to get a good coverage. Allow this paint to dry completely and then using a gold paint and paint the corners of your suitcase. This gives your suitcase an added detail to really bring it to life. Use Mod Podge to give your suitcase a nice coating. 

Next, you'll want to paint the inside of your suitcase to correspond with the Pokemon you choose (Bulbasaur I Choose You!)

Next, You'll want to use your paper to start cutting out different shapes that once again correspond with the Pokemon you choose. For Bulba, I cut out different leaf and grass shapes. You will then glue these shapes around the suitcase. To achieve this. Bend the bottom of the paper to make a base for each paper shape so that you can apply glue to the paper. 

Now for the fun part. Take your air dry clay and roll a ball. Now depending on what Pokemon you choose, you will use your clay to make shapes that your Pokemon has. For example, Bulba has a bulb on his back, feet, and two ears, so making the ear consists of two triangles, the feet are two smaller balls, and the bulb is a rounded pyramid shape.

Once your pieces are dry, hot glue them all together.  To finish off your Pokemon, paint the figure to match and use mod podge to give the lil' fella a nice gloss.

To finish up your suitcase, hot glue your Pokemon to the center of the back portion of the case.

Now, you're a Pokemon Master!! Much better than Poke balls, am I right? I hope you enjoy this DIY Pokemon craft! 

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