September 26, 2017

DIY Earring Holder

Earrings are my all time favorite accessory. Some people are into bracelets, others its necklaces, but me, I am an Earring Gal. However, I hate digging around looking for the pair I want to wear, but I am also WAY too cheap to pay twenty dollars for an earring tree. That's why I came up with this awesome marbled DIY earring holder! It's the perfect size to put up my favorite earrings so that I am not digging around for all of them!

If you like earrings then this is the DIY earring holder for you!

Materials Needed: 
Mini wooden frame
Plastic Knitting Mesh

To begin,  paint your frame. To create a marbled look, I started by painting the frame one whole color and while it was still wet paint another color on top in certain sections, swirling the two.
Be sure to paint the back as well.

Once your paint is dry, take the insert of the frame, lay it on your mesh and trace the dimensions.  Then cut this out. This will give you the proper size to insert your mesh where a picture would normally go. I hot glued the mesh in place to secure it to the frame

Next, cut a small piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the back where it creates a loop. This will be your hanger! Finally, take your flower and glue it on for an added touch of girliness! 

Now you have an easy and cute earring holder that is like a 10th of the price of a normal earring tree. 

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