July 26, 2017

DIY Stud Cuff Bracelets

Anyone else ever want to be a rock star? I mean cool fashion, big paychecks, awesome music, whats not to love? Well, I may not be a rock star, but these DIY stud bracelets sure make me feel like one! Did I mention that this project is also super inexpensive? So come on, become a rock star with me!

Materials Needed:
Paper Towel Roll

To begin, take your paper towel roll and cut it down the middle. Next, cut the roll width ways to a length you would like as your bracelet. I am totally getting Wonder Woman vibes from that image.


Now take your tulle and begin wrapping it around your cuff. Once the whole cuff is covered in tulle, secure the tulle by stapling the fabric ends to the cardboard.  The final step is to take your studs and begin pressing them into the cardboard. It should feel just like pushing a push pin into a bulletin board.

Now you're ready to throw on that leather jacket and rock the world with these awesome cuff bracelets! Rock On Friends!

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