January 14, 2017

DIY Kitty Planter

Howdy! The time is MEOW to make this adorable planter (you see what I did there?).  I see this DIY everywhere on Pinterest and think it's the cutest thing ever! I thought I would share the process of how to make one (or two).  Just imagine if I turned in one of my landscape architecture projects where the design had these planters as all of the pots for potted plants. My professors would be like
 "You've got to be KITTEN me right MEOW" (oh, I'm laughing at my own jokes as I type this).

Materials Needed:
Old Soda Pop Bottle
Xacto Knife
White Paint
Pink Paint Pen 
Real or Fake Plant

To begin, take your sharpie and outline the shape of a cat. Carefully begin to cut the shape out using your Xacto Knife.  You can also do this with scissors, but it is much harder in my opinion. If you are using scissors, I suggest pressing the bottle together as much as possible and cut a small slit into the bottle. This will allow you to insert your scissors to cut the plastic. 

 Next Using your white paint, cover the entire cat.  This takes roughly 3 coats.  Spray paint can also work, but if it is cold outside you might have some issues (I did so I switched to acrylic paint.) Once the paint is completely dry, use your sharpie to draw the whiskers, mouth, and eyes onto your kitty. Using your pink paint, draw a little heart for the nose.  To add an extra dash of cuteness, take your pink paint and put little paw pads on the bottom of the planter.  

Finally, place either your real or fake plant into the planter.  If using fake, be sure to avoid hot glue to make the plant stay because this will alter the planter. Now you can have your plants in style! Of course, this DIY can easily be modified to be a bunny or any other animal you wish! Be creative!

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