January 16, 2017

DIY Gemstone Pencil Holder

Howdy! Well, classes begin again for me tomorrow, but before I hit the books once again I wanted to share a DIY that is perfect for holding all your school supplies! When I was shopping at Target for planner supplies I found this adorable wooden geometric pencil holder.  My first thought was it looks like a gemstone!  So I thought I would share how I painted it to give it that real gemstone look. Hopefully, Y'all enjoy!

Materials Needed:
Wooden Geometric Pencil Holder
Three paint shades in the same color
Glitter Spray
Felt (optional)

To begin, paint each triangular section a different shade of color. Be sure when doing this that none of the shades are repeated side by side. I actually went through before painting and labeled what each section would be painted. This helped me avoid messing up the paint. When you're painting, make sure to go in the direction of the wood grain. If you don't, it doesn't look near as smooth.  I had to use about two coats total.

Using your darkest shade, paint the inside. Then let your whole project dry for about 30 mins.

This next step is optional, but I added felt to the bottom of my pencil holder so that the wood wouldn't scratch my desk.  Once your project is dry, take your felt and place your pencil holder on top. Using a marker or fabric pencil trace the outline of the holder. Then, cut out the shape and carefully glue the felt onto the bottom using hot glue.

Finally, to give your pencil holder that gemstone glow, spray paint the holder with crystal colored glitter spray. This not only seals the paint in but now it will be as shimmery as a diamond! Your new gemstone holder is perfect for holding markers, pencils, rulers, scissors, and anything else you can think of! Good luck to everyone in this upcoming semester and I hope this DIY works for you!

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