December 30, 2016

Antique Shopping in Jefferson

Howdy! Wow, Christmas is over and I've had all my wisdom yanked out of my mouth (you know you live in a small city when your doctor removing your teeth is also the mayor).  Luckily I had the chance to go to Jefferson, Texas before the holiday. Jefferson is one of the cutest towns. It got more antique shops then you can take a stick at. If I were to compare it to any other town I would definitely say is has a Stars Hollow vibe (any Gilmore Girls fans out there?). The town is so festive. They do things for Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, etc.

Ribbons and tensal, and Santas were everywhere! There was even a Shasta trailer all decked out for the holidays. Down the street, a bit from the main antique district is a park that different organizations in the communities personalize Christmas trees to place within the there. They ornaments can get very creative, from piano keys to old coke cans. It really adds to the ambiance of the town.  

After I left the park, I came across the most magnificent greenhouse I had every seen.  It was landscaped so beautifully! There was a vegetable garden, a pavilion, and enough plants that my little landscape architecture student self could barely be contained.  The House of the Seasons bed and breakfast is the owner of the amazing greenhouse.  They sold me on wanting to stay there!  

Of course, I didn't leave Jefferson without a few goodies. I purchased these scientific illustrations of fruiting plants, coconut tea in a wooden box, a beautifully fragrant soap, and a postcard.  Postcards are by far the best souvenirs. They are cheap and give you an awesome photo of the place.  

I can't wait to make it back to Jefferson. If you ever find yourself in East Texas, you gotta stop by!

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