November 5, 2016

Houston Trip

Howdy y'all! To say this semester has been stressful would be a major understatement. My design studio is really the most grueling. I've pulled so many all nighters for that class that I am almost positive that I've lost several years off of my life because of it.  However, there has been some fun aspects to the class.  Other than getting closer to my amazing classmates, we got to take a trip to Houston.  Despite having lived in Texas my entire life, prior to this trip, I had never been to Houston.  Houston is roughly 5.5 hours away from my hometown so never really had a reason to drive there.  That made this trip very exciting!

The purpose of this trip was to see different landscape design features and do one firm visit.  It was really awe inspiring!  We went to Discovery Green across from the convention center, visited a really amazing firm, ate lunch in Market Square Park, explored Centennial Park, ventured around Buffalo Bayou, and finally, we saw Rice University. 

Each destination had features that were fun, unique, and innovative.  The whole trip just reassured me that I really love the field of landscape architecture even if sometimes I doubt myself.  Discovery Green was probably my favorite.  It was like an oasis in the middle of a bustling city.  It was sectioned off into different pocket gardens and venues but was still an incredibly cohesive design.  

Now I will say, visiting the firm really made me apprehensive.  All the employees at the firm looked tired.  I hope I am not perpetually tired in my future. 

One of the greatest aspects of this trip was going with some of my favorite people.  I'm really blessed to have such amazing individuals as classmates!  They make stressful things fun and fun things fantastic!  I couldn't ask for a better group of people to grow with as landscape architects.

Overall, this trip really inspired me and also makes me want to take more trips to other landscape architecture attractions across the state!

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