May 25, 2016

Galveston Island with Island Boy

Howdy! I love the sun, and I love the beach, and I love good company. That is why my trip to Galveston, Texas after finals (but before I moved back home) was fantastic! Of course, Island Boy came along with me! Part of the reason we decided to take a day trip to Galveston (other than it being only 2 hours away from College Station) was because at the Moody Garden's Rainforest Pyramid had a Corpse Flower that was supposed to bloom.  What's a Corpse Flower you ask? Well, it's a gorgeous carrion flower that when in bloom basically smells like rotting flesh (hence the name). These flowers bloom very rarely, so the opportunity to see (and smell one) got us excited! Unfortunately, "Morticia" , the flower, didn't bloom till a day after we went, but still seeing it about to bloom is equally as rare and fun, and since she wasn't in full bloom, we didn't have to smell the stench!

Prior to the Rainforest, we had lunch at one of the nicest Mcdonalds ever! It was pretty fancy for a Mcdonalds! and then we hung out on the beach for several hours.  We found seashells, played in the water and sand, and had lightsaber fencing matches ( with lightsaber bubble wands of course).  Now Island Boy is from Honolulu, so he is used to that crystal clear water.  The Gulf of Mexico isn't quite as clear.  While we were at the beach he said "Too bad the water isn't too great today" and I just start laughing and reply that that's how the water always looks.  He is privileged with beautiful waters.

The only downside of the trip was the drive back to College Station.  I had to drive right through the heart of downtown Houston.  This time last year, that would have been no problem, but after that wreck I have such bad anxiety in the car.  Thankfully, even with being anxious I still can maintain composure while driving even if I am freaking out internally.  Also, Island Boy is pretty good at calming me down. 

Overall, it was a fun trip! It was a great way to finish the semester! Can't wait to have another fun day trip sometime!!

Also, something is still up with the photo quality, so If you click on the image the quality improves!

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