March 21, 2016

Howdy Farm

At Texas A&M there is the Howdy Farm, a student-run organic sustainable farm that promotes increasing knowledge of agriculture.  I went the other day to explore and see the Aggie Blue bonnets. Blue Bonnets are Texas's state flower (Fun Fact: It's actually illegal to pick one).  Here in Aggieland we have genetically engineered some Blue Bonnets to be maroon!! I find them really pretty! But I think that may be because they are just so darn unique! Besides the Blue Bonnets, there were lots of different plants and vegetables!  It was so peaceful at the Howdy Farm.  There was this giant wind chime, and it made the prettiest sound as the wind blew!  You can actually buy the produce that the farm produces from 12-5pm on Thursdays.  If you are ever in Aggieland (College Station) I suggest checking it out!!

On another note, I apologize for the picture overload you are about to experience. I just really enjoyed all the nature!

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