March 21, 2016

Aggieland Baseball and Pull Out Day

It's officially Spring, and that means it's time for baseball!! I've always loved going to baseball games in the springtime.  What's better than being outdoors with good company, enjoy a nice breeze, watching a good game, and cheering on your favorite team? Well, there is one thing that can make it better. Combining it with Pull Out Day! Okay, you're probably really wondering what Pull Out Day is (Please remove your mind from the gutter). Pull Out Day is when Sophomores can officially Whoop! Whooping begins when you're a Junior, so you are pulling out a different wildcat. Make Sense? It's ok if it doesn't, honestly most A&M traditions don't make much sense but they sure are fun! The other week was Pull Out Day. So I met up with a few friends and we went to the festivities, which included a Yell Practice (basically a pep rally), photo opportunities, and food.  It was a blast!

 Afterwards, It was off to the baseball game to cheer on the Aggies!  Something that I find really neat about Aggie baseball games is when a train comes by you try to guess how many engines it has before you can see it.  You can also play baseball bingo at the games and get a free DQ Blizzard with the bingo card. Another aspect of aggie baseball that is fun is if we get to home everyone blows bubbles! Who doesn't love bubbles?  

Well now that I can officially whoop, let's end this blog posy with a good 'ol WHOOP!

Oh and these photos are not all from the same day, but they are all baseball!

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