February 9, 2016

Back from Hiatus

Howdy!  I was just looking at my blog and realized I haven't posted since July! I bet y'all must think I've died!  Really though, I've just been busy with University.  As some y'all may know I transferred to Texas A&M University.  This has hands down been the best decision I've made.  Last year, I hated the school I went to, became very depressed, and overall just was almost ready to give up on myself. (Although getting to go to Minnesota and see a different part of the USA was pretty spectacular). Being an Aggie is the best! I've made some wonderful new friends, adore my major and minor, and made many new experiences! I've joined several new clubs including ASLA, Aggie Wildflowers, Fencing Club, and RHA White Creek Community Council.  I definitely plan on elaborating more on certain aspects and events in different blog posts (which will probably be up today as well).  Hopefully my hiatus is finished and I can get back to blogging on the regular, but I'm not making any promises.  Anyways, I'd love to end this post with some photos from my Aggie experience so far!

 Miss Rev our mascot!

 "Farmers Fight!"- Yell Leader (Our version of cheerleaders)
 My friend Mandy actually gets to work on the sidelines at games!

 My boyfriend is in the Color Guard in the Corps.

This photo was actually in USA Today!

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