February 9, 2016

Aggie Bonfire

Howdy!  I'm sure if you know anything about Texas A&M then you know we have a pretty famous bonfire.  At 2:42 am on November 18th, 1999 the pile actually collapsed during construction killing 12 students.  After this, the school no longer sponsored the bonfire, but rather, off campus there is a student sponsored bonfire. I was really excited to see my first Aggie Bonfire! Due to a scheduling conflict, I almost wasn't able to go. The conflict cleared up, however, and I went off to Bonfire with my friends. Prior to leaving for bonfire, we all met up at the Post Oak Mall where my friend who was driving worked. We all ate and then left for Bonfire.  That's where my memory ends.

The next thing I remember clearly (there are a few things I remember before this but there is a HUGE haze around them) was waking up in my apartment bed in horrible pain wearing nothing but a medical gown.  Very confused, I slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom.  When I got out of the bathroom I saw my dad sleeping in the chair that is in my living room.  He woke up and asked me how I was.  I looked at him confused and asked what happened.  He then proceeded to explain to me the events of the day and half prior. Coming back from Bonfire the car lost traction on a gravel road and we hit a tree. One person had to be taken in a helicopter to the hospital the rest in ambulances, but everyone was alive and well just really banged up.   He also explained that I had been told about this many times and that I had amnesia.  I didn't even remember going to bonfire.  Or the 2 weeks before.

Apparently some of the things I said at the hospital, where just hilarious including being on a 10-second memory restart. I asked what physics was, if my boyfriend was real, if he was my boyfriend, that I hated twinkies, and that Magic Mike was hot.

Thankfully now I have most of my memory back, and everyone else has healed up! It's crazy waking up and not remembering a thing, but the accident could have been much worse. I did, however, have my camera with me at bonfire, at I have several photos from it.  Some of them are very blurry which I actually find appropriate considering my memory is equally as blurry.

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