May 29, 2015

Southern Louisiana

This week I drove down to Slidell, Louisiana to visit my mother's side of the family.  Slidell is just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans (roughly 25-35 mins away from New Orleans).  It was nice to see my family.  It had been around three years since the last time I had saw them.  We did a lot of sight-seeing.  Honestly though, the best part was just getting to chat with all them.  Also, it was great to escape the crazy weather Texas has been having.  My Aunt told me a lot of stories about my mother, which was wonderful.  Today is the five year anniversary of her passing, so it felt nice to feel more connected with her.  I even got to see her high school.  Well here are some photos from the trip.

(I still haven't quite gotten the hang of photography in overcast weather.  I sure would like to take a photography class).

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