May 16, 2015

Short Trip to Canada

Last week my sister graduated with her Master's degree from her school up in Ohio.  She lives about an hour from the Canadian border.  After her graduation, we stopped by her house (we saw her cute cat!), and then headed on to the border.  They hire very no-nonsense people for the border check, which makes sense.  We drove to Niagra Falls, which was gorgeous! We also spent some time in Toronto and did some site seeing. We also stopped for a very short time in Hamilton and the cutest town outside of Hamilton!

Switching from the English system to the Metric system was kinda strange, but I honestly loved it.  I'm all for the metric system.  Canada also has the best food!  Two words. Tim Hortons! They were more abundant than Starbucks!  Poutine and Ketchup chips are great! Come on America get with it! Smarties in Canada are also called Rockets! How strange!

Well here are some photos I took from my phone.  I, unfortunately, couldn't bring my camera with me on this trip, so the photos aren't the best, but they capture the memories!  Also, I took a few selfies, which is rare for me (I'm not the biggest fan of my face.) so I decided I would share them as well.

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