March 14, 2015

Sleepover Saturday: Harry Potter Edition

Who doesn't love magic and adventure?  I know I am personally a sucker for that genre! I was actually inspired to do Harry Potter as the theme this week because not only have I had an epic Harry Potter movie marathon a few summers back with my friends, but recently I've been watching a few of the movies with one of my great friend who has just this passed year read the books and started watching the movies.  So without further ado here we go!

The Cinematic Entertainment:

Of course you have to watch the Harry Potter movies!  When we did our movie marathon back in 2012,  it took us 2 whole days to get through all eight movies.  Of course this included breaks, food, and activities, but if you plan on watching all eight you may want to budget additional time for that.

The Snacks:

You've got to have some classic Butter beer! You'll feel like you've transported straight to hogsmeade!  There is a great recipe for how to make it here!

The infamous Bertie Bots Beans!  At our movie marathon my friend made these cute boxes and filled them up with Jelly Beans (thank the heavens there weren't any actual vomit flavored ones!!)  I found this template online  that you can use to create your own box for your jelly beans! (you are going to want to cover the openings with some plastic wrap so the beans don't spill!)

The Crafts:

 My friend actually made these for all of us at our movie marathon, unfortunately since moving back to Texas I can't find mine... But these are pretty fun to make, and you can get pretty detailed!  You just need a Stick, Hot glue gun, and Metallic paint!


Back when I was in Junior High (wow that was forever ago now...) we use to make these pens except with flowers.  So they are pretty easy to make! You'll need a pen, floral tape (washi tape works too), a large feather, and lace! Tape the feather to the pen using your tape.  Then take your lace and add a touch of hot glue to the top and wrap the pen all the way down till you reach the bottom.  Cut the lace and hot glue the end.

The Games:

If college's can play quidditch, so can you! Just set up some goal post, and then use balloons or balls to play the game!
I hope you enjoyed this week's SS! If so let me know!

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