November 9, 2014

Henry Wessel Inspired Photographic Series

For my media 1 class we had to choose a photographer, research them, and then create our own series of photographs based on their series.  I choose Henry Wessel and based my series off his Houses and Incidents series.  It was actually very fun!  I got to go over to Roseville which is the suburban area near Minneapolis.  After living in the city, if there is one thing I know its that I love suburbia! It's easier to get around in, FREE PARKING, restaurants stay open later, its more relaxing, and FREE PARKING! Did I mention FREE PARKING?  Anyways, I love any excuse to get away from the city, more specifically the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood my school is located in (Watched the News lately? Isis is in this neighborhood). I got to meet several friendly house owner, and I got to get some Caribou Coffee.  FYI Caribou Coffee is so much better than Starbucks!

Here is Henry Wessel's photos:

Here is my series:

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