September 24, 2014

Suburban Park

Gosh I love the suburbs, maybe it's because I grew up there or maybe just because it has a more relaxing appeal (although I am leaning towards the former),  but every chance I have to get away from my dorm for peace and quite (I'm so incredibly sick of listening to the office because my roommate doesn't like headphones, but that's a post for another time) I head towards the suburban town outside of Minneapolis called Roseville. It reminds me a lot of Longview, minus the whole Texas aspect. My other roommate needed a ride to the Como Zoo and Conservatory for her class and I needed to run to a store over there so I said I could take her. Poor car and its gas tank though, gas is so much more expensive up here.  Any ways while there I found an amazing park! It reminded me of home so much!

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