September 23, 2014

Renaissance Festival

Well college is underway, and although the class work can be pretty stressful the weekends are pretty fun! On the 13th I went with my friend Jennifer to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  It was so much fun!  Texas is actually known for having the biggest renaissance festival, but I have never actually been even though I adore the renaissance era!  It was quite a treat to get to go, and It was fantastic to have so more bonding time with a few of my new friends!  

It was like stepping back into time. Some of the costumes people were wearing were very elaborate!
Our school, which sponsored the trip, gave us a list of items to take a photo of for a scavenger hunt.  These included a picture with the pickle dude, cupcakes, picture of a knight, and a picture of someone dressed in a different fandom.  We found a whole group of people dressed as Star Trek characters. 

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