August 23, 2014

The Great American Bison

East Texas is full of lots of amazing plants and animals. From our sprawling feilds of blue bonnets and indian paintbrushes to the bobcats and deer that flourish in the piney wood forests we've got it all!  My favourite little discovery in my town ,however, is the herd of bison that graze on the feilds of a local ranch.  When I need to relax or just want to escape the life of our decent sized city I take a short ten minute drive to go see these amazing creatures!  They are so fun to watch! There are even currently two young calfs in the field and boy do they like to play.  I'm going to miss these guys a lot when I move off to Minnesota.  

Here are those indian paint brush feilds I was talking about! 

I thought I would also go ahead and include some more nature shots of East Texas in this most! So enjoy!! 

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