August 24, 2014

New Episodes + Stickers

Any Whovians or Avatar fans out there?  These two shows are probably my favorite things to watch!  I mean who doesn't love watching a usually attractive British time lord going on crazy and wild adventures or watch benders of all sorts fight it out to save the world?  However for those of y'all who don't know what these shows are, I'll help ya out a bit! :)

Doctor Who:

Avatar the last airbender/ Avatar legend of Korra:

Awesome shows, right?!  Well this past weekend a new series of Doctor Who aired premiering a new doctor and the third season of legend of korra had it's season finale.  Both shows were epic to say the least! I promise no matter what age you are you'll like either show! I started watching doctor who when I was nine (almost 10 years ago!) and even my dad, who is only a few years short of being 60 (but trust me when I say he only looks maybe 42), enjoys Avatar. So check these shows out! 

I actually decided to make stickers for each show!  As soon as I can figure out how to work etsy I plan on selling these stickers for pretty cheap, so let me know if you'd be interested in them! 

Doctor Who stickers including Amy, Rory, and 11th Doctor
 Avatar including Both team avatars

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