August 23, 2014

Amazing Music

So I am currently in love with two different musical artist, Jonsi and Alexander Rybak. Rybak actually won Eurovision back in 2009.  I believe he was born in Belarus and  moved to Norway. He has a great, clear voice, and his fiddle playing is spot on! I discovered him from his song he did for How to Train Your Dragon 2 which was only on the European version and the song can only be purchased in Europe as well (insert crying here). It's called "Into a Fantasy" and it's amazing!

Here's the song he won Eurovision with:

Jonsi is an artist from the Icelandic band Sigur ros.  I personally perfer his stuff over his bands, but both are good! He did the whole soundtrack for the movie  We Bought a Zoo.  His music is so whimsical! When the song "Where No One Goes" comes on when I'm driving I crank up the volume roll my windows and sunroof down and just jam out hard!

"Where No One Goes"

"Animal Arithmetic"

Hope you enjoy these artist as much as I do and go buy their albums! You won't be disappointed!

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