December 8, 2012

It been a while!

Well hey there! Wow it sure has been a while! I've been majorly busy since I last talked with y'all! Guess what!! I've lost 35lbs! I am officially so happy with my body! Also as some of you may know i was clinically depressed last year, but now im so HAPPY! For real like this summer was so good for me! I really just focused on myself and things I enjoy. I stopped trying to be someone I'm not. Honestly looking back, since 8th grade I've really been trying to be someone im not really. I mean i still stuck with my morals and beliefs but i kinda ignored things that really made me happy and made me, well, me! i stopped reading comics, watching anime, drawing cartoon stuff, I stopped wanting to be a comic book artist all because in 8th grade i got this idea that I would be considered a freak if i liked these things. Well I was wrong. You can like things that aren't exactly main stream and still be fine! People are going to like you more if you are true to yourself! We all hear that from our parents but honestly its true! I've made so many new friends this year! Junior has been fantastic (apart from physics but that's another story for another day! haha) Now im not saying everything has been perfect. I've still gotten mad, sad, and embarrassed, but now its just in normal increments!
So anyhow  i think i'll try to start posting on here again but I don't think i will post things like "Weekly Nail" or "Saturday Sleepover" anymore. Its just not me really. If y'all still really want them though I will try to do it. But for the most part I think i'll just post about my life and interest  like right now im so interested in Japan! Well actually I've always been very interested in Japan but like i said earlier i kinda have been ignoring my true interest for a while now so yeah! Well here are a bunch of pictures from my Junior year so far! I know its quite a few but hey its been several months!

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