June 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey guys!! I'm back!! I feel so bad that I've been missing in action for almost a month! First I had twirl tryouts for a week, which I am a third year returning member! Then I had exams, Aced them all! Then State solo and ensemble which I made a 2 in both solo and ensemble(that's a pretty good rank, 1 is the best you can get) So now I'm back to share with yall my summer so far!! I can't wait to get my blog up and running again, I've missed blogging so much!
Well here are some pictures to catch you up with my life!

New Sunnies! I Love them!

Art work in progress
My friend peyton dressed up as superman the last day of school
The nastiest food ever! Don't ever go to this noodle shop when in Austin, we got sick.

Alley Fest
you would think this women would feel the breeze
fun statue 

free cotton candy

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