May 3, 2012

Weekly Nail: Calico Cats

Sorry For this post being late! I've been a sicky! I had to get blood drawn three diffrent times!! So I'm going to be posting lots today, includeing this weeks weekly nail! My little kitty Hollyleaf is actually a tortishell cat, but i thought would be a little more difficult to do in nail form so I did calico nails! So here how to do it!

What you need:

1. Paint nails white

2. Add Orange spots to white nail( keep thumbs white)

3. Now add Black spots to nail

4. Using Toothpick put a kitten face with black and pink polish on thumb
(I redid my thumb after taking this picture but my camera had died) 

Wa-la! you now have purr-fect calico nails!

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