April 4, 2012

Weekly Nail: Hunger Game Nails

One of my many new weekly post is going to be a nail tutorial!!! I Love having painted nails! So I thought why not share that with everyone!!! From now on every Wednesday is a new nail tutorial, so check in atleast on wednesdays if you like your nails painted in cool designs! Yesterday I decided to try a Katniss nail design (which is flames for those who haven't read the Hunger Games) It didn't come out quite how I had hoped due to tornados and having to round up my kitty and sit in the shower during the middle of it all plus electricity went out for a little while. Hopefully none of those fiascos happen to you and you can acheive a wonderful flame nail!

You will need:

  1. Paint Nail Black:(I know, my hands are ugly don't laugh)
2.Take paint brush and Carefully paint orange flames on nail
3. Take gold paint and use the paint brush again to paint the inside of flame gold and then finish it off with a clear coat
And wah-la your done!!! That simple! Now you can go compete in the hunger games!!!

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