April 28, 2012

Sleepover Saturday: Disney Edition

Everyone loves Disney! My firends and I are always talking about having a disney movie marathon. Well why not have this marathon as a sleepover? Well here's how!

The Movie:

Of course you would probably watch more than just this movie but if you had to choose only one Peter Pan is the movie to watch! Here we Goooo!!!

Yummy Goods:

Cinderella bento box! This is defiantly a healthy alternative to the usual sleepover snacks! and who doesn't love the wild berries included in this princess box?

The Playlist:
Music Playlist at MixPod.com The Games:

Monopoly is a classic game, but throw in Disney and it is the perfect Disney sleepover!

Btw can I add I do not like this new posting style?

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