March 26, 2012

Hunger games

Well this past weekend was the release of the Hunger Games!!! It was FANTASTIC!! Except at the beginning I seriously wanted to rip the camera out of who's ever hands were holding it and keep it still! But apart from that no complaints (I know the left stuff out of the movie that was in the book but they kinda had to to make it fit into a movie). I cried when Rue died and Lindsay cried during the reaping. And then OF COURSE I screamed! haha wouldn't be a movie if I didn't right? After the movies the group of friends I was with and myself went over to eat at Cheddar's. We got the worst possible waiter! I think he was waiting for his brain to click in! He kept getting orders wrong and Lindsay had to wait for 50 mins for cresants! wow. I'm not going to lie we started laughing at him. It was just an involuntary response to his mediocre-ness as a waiter. We ended up leaving him a pretty nice tip though! I gave him a coupon for a free Mcalister's cookie, Lindsay made a ninja star out of two dollars and someone eles left him a penny. I would say he made out pretty darn good for his awful waiting! But all in all we had a great time!

we messed around with an aging app on my phone
she wants her cresants!
the tip.

creep picture of our "waiter"
finally the cresants!


  1. lindsay was sooooo funny!! but after she got her cresants she said they were amazing... but i wonder if he ever got his two dollars out of the ninja star... lol

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  3. Good times! I had so much fun! I'm in love with Peeta!

    1. me too! It was fun!! and I love peeta to he is sooo sexy!