May 17, 2019

College Graduation Pictures

College graduation photos

Howdy! I am taking a detour from the not so regularly scheduled European adventure post to announce that I graduated from college! Whoop! It is crazy to think after five years and three schools later I am a graduate!  I received my Bachelors in Landscape Architecture and graduated with Summa Cum Laude Latin honors.  All the hard work really paid off.  For anyone out there doubting your abilities, just know that if you believe in yourself you can do it!

I wanted to do a mixture of a college graduation picture/outfit post along with a prose style reflection on college and entering adulthood.  It's a little different than how my posts generally are, but it was a lot of fun to write and an overall good writing exercise. Hope you enjoy! Below are the pictures which I really enjoyed how they came out.  I am not photogenic nor do I enjoy being in front of a camera so actually liking a photo of myself is a huge deal, so if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a lot of these pictures.  


The shadow of the towering football stadium looms over me as I walk across the pavement etched with years of memories.  The oak trees whisper like friends saying their goodbyes as the Spring breeze whistles through the leaves.  It is time for me to murmur my goodbye to them as well.  

For five years, College and I have been inseparable friends.  Although I must admit, it was often a tumultuous relationship when hard work was overlooked and stressful disputes arose. But overall, our friendship was filled with aspiring conversations, the type you have while staring at the clouds in the boundless sky. We would discuss what successful endeavors would come to flourish in the future and where life would lead us. College was that friend that doesn't judge you for your child like indulgences, but also helped you transition to more refined avenues of gratification. It was the type of friendship brimming with growth.

College is that friend you no longer speak with, but silently thank for all the lessons they taught you. From our relationship, I learned about things I need to improve upon, when to let go, how to emphasis on strengths, and recognize weaknesses. Most importantly, College was the compass that directed me to find my treasure chest of passion.   

However, the time has come to part ways with the whimsical dreams of what the future may hold and say au revoir to the small piece of a carefree childhood we have tightly clung to.  While parting with these longtime companions is bittersweet, it means that the arrival of my distant pen pal, Adulthood, is here. I welcome my new friend with her heavy luggage.  She is misunderstood.  She tells stories that often bewilder people.  They expect her to follow a timeline, with set rules and expectations.  The truth is, however, her story isn't one of check marks on a to-do list, but a story of becoming.  Becoming her truest self. Becoming someone who handles emotions with the grace and poise they each require. Becoming someone who apologizes when they have made mistakes, and stands tall when she believes in her choices. Her story isn't about folding laundry or cooking dinner with palatable spices.  Her story is much more than that.  

While I only know her from the postcards she sent telling me of her arrival, I am excited to learn about her essence and discover the adventures of friendship her and I will have. 

I recognize, however, that before I answer the call to adventure with my new companion, I must first say goodbye and thank you to my old friend.  So as I walk past the magnificent football stadium where I've cheered on my dear friend College,  I too, whisper my goodbyes like the oak trees. 

Aggie College graduate

Aggie College graduate

College graduation pictures

College graduation pictures

College graduation pictures

College graduation pictures

March 15, 2019

Things to do in Berlin

Things to do in Berlin

Guten Tag!  So living several months in Germany means going to Berlin is a must! Thankfully, my program actually included two week long school excursions to Paris and Berlin. After Berlin was our fall break too, so essentially it was like getting 2 free weeks of vacation (I know, I know you're probably wondering if I ever actually did school work. I promise I did!).  Berlin is amazing! It is rich in history! Apparently, it has also officially past Rome as the third most visited city in Europe. Plus there are so many things to do in Berlin

Now, because it was a school trip, it was pretty go go go for us. A lot of our destinations were also landscape architecture based, which was really nice!  I love being able to go see how different examples of landscape architecture are accomplished. However, I wish we could have had more time to and explore the museums, but that just means I'll have to go again! Since I am on a role giving y'all my European destination itineraries, I thought I would also share the fun things to do in Berlin when you travel there!

Text and city skyline

1. Berlin Wall: Oh you knew this would be on the list.  The Berlin Wall is such a part of Berlin that it would be hard to miss it if you're in the city. It's really interesting to walk around the city and see were the wall once was.  Standing over the line with one foot in East Berlin and one foot in West Berlin is such a surreal experience. The East Side Gallery is collection of over 100 different paintings on a stretch of the wall. It is super cool and I highly recommend seeing it. 

Standing over the Berlin wall marker

Piece of Berlin Wall

Touching the Berlin Wall

2. Amplemann Pedestrian Cross Lights: Speaking of East and West Berlin, wanna know how to tell which side you are on? Look at the pedestrian cross lights! If the lights have the iconic amplemann then you are actually in East Berlin! These guys are an iconic staple of Eastern Germany during the DDR I was told. They are really neat!

Pedestrian Crosswalk light in Berlin

3.Check Point Charlie:  Check Point Charlie was the infamous passing point between the American West sector of Berlin into the East Berlin.  The stories from some of the stuff that happened at the check point are crazy.  Our guide told us that one person modified the engine of their car so that the fuel tank could hold a person.  He apparently had exactly enough gas to cross over and cross back with no delays. Others would would wait for hours in the building, just to be denied entry. The original building is actually at a museum, but there is a photo opportunity where it once stood. 

Sign leaving the American sector of Berlin

Check point charlie building

4. Brandonburg Gate:  Historically, this is the old city gate and was the back drop for where President Regan told Mr. Gorbachev to tear down the wall.  There is so much history surrounding this one piece of architecture, it is surreal.  Plus it is a great instagram photo op!

Brandonburg Gate at sunset

Statue on Brandonburg Gate

5. Hotel Adlon: Conveniently located right next to the  Brandonburg Gate, is the hotel that Micheal Jackson famously, or should I say infamously, dangled his baby out of the window.  Honestly, its a giggle worthy must see. 

Hotel Adlon

6. Holocaust Memorial: Not too far from the Brandonburg Gate is the Holocaust Memorial, or the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was designed with the intention to make one feel uneasy, trapped, and lost as you walk through it.  I think this is a very powerful memorial to encourage reflection on what took place.

Holocaust Memorial stones

7. Hitler's Bunker: Ok, so this isn't actually something you can go see, but across from the memorial is a parking lot.  That parking lot was the location of where Hitler died supposedly. Interesting fact but lets move on to better things to see...

8. Explore the Museum Island:  The Museum Island is actually a UNESCO world heritage site with the Pergamon Museum, Bode-Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery, and the Old Museum.  of course just across the river is other museums such as the DDR museum (100% recommend going there)

9. Explore the architecture:  Call me an architecture nerd, but there is a lot of amazing architecture around Berlin.  From the Cathedral to the New Guardhouse there is a lot of nice building to see. Also, if you look closely, a lot of the buildings will have hole shaped damages to the exterior.  These are bullet holes from World War II.  It's pretty interesting how history shows itself everywhere.

Church roof

Berlin Cathedral roof

Parliment building in Berlin

Berlin skyline

Humboldt University building

Roof of mall

Sculpture in pond

Damage from bullet

10. Alexanderplatz:  When you think of Berlin I am sure that the TV Tower comes to mind.  Chances are you'll end up at Alexanderplatz no matter what because it is the transportation hub for the city center. Funny story for y'all: During some free time we decided before heading over to the DDR museum we would grab a quick bit at the train station.  This beggar comes up to us and ask for money, and my friend tells him no. He got SO mad!! We all had to just start running!! I'm sorry, but I am definitely not going to give my money to someone who threatens me!

Alexandraplatz sign and tv tower

subway in berlin

Sign of Alexandraplatz

Tv Tower in skyline

Tv tower at sunset

11. Tempelhofer Feld:  This abandoned airport, is now a very unique park in Berlin.  There is a lot that takes place at this park from kite flying, skate boarding, mini golf art instillations, children's circus, you name it chances are its there! One aspect that really stood out to me was how they were also utilizing the space as an area to help house refugees.

Field at park

Old airport entrance

Mini golf outside

12. Park am Gleisdriek: This park was pretty modern and interesting.  There was a skate park, exercise areas, community gardens, built in trampolines (yes these were as fun as they sound).  The graffiti also added a nice touch surprisingly.  I found a drawing of Finn from Adventure Time on a bench even!

Finn from adventure time

Berlin Train in sky

Skate ramp

Girl bouncing on trampoline

13. ufa Fabrik:  This area was our last stop in Berlin before we headed off for Fall break.  The ufa Fabrik is a sustainable cultural project in the Tempelhof district.  The community places emphasis on green infrastructure such as solar panels, green roofs, and water re-use.  We got to tour the top of one of the green roofs to see how it was working.  If you're interested in green infrastructure I would check out this community. They even have restaurants that you can eat at.

ufa fabrik site plan

ufa fabrik bike on wall

green roof

14. Festival of Lights: Finally, I'm gonna this post was a bright bang! (see what I did there?) We happened to go to Berlin in early October when the Festival of Lights was happening. Essentially, this festival invites artists from around the world to display their light art instillations on to different landmarks around Berlin.  Most of these lights tell a story, so you can sit and watch as a story unfold on the buildings.  If you can arrange to go to Berlin in early October, I recommend doing it! I will never forget what it was like to see the city glowing beautifully with art. 

building lit up

humboldt university lit up

staue lit up

europe is for lovers

festival of lights sign

girl with light on face

berlin letters

I hope this helps give you some ideas of things you can do in Berlin if you go! Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Berlin, and if so what is your must see place!