July 21, 2015

Road Trip to San Marcos

Sorry for the multiple week hiatus! Between my summer 1 finale (which not to brag but a made I a 105 on! woohoo!), Independence Day, and just hanging out with friends I haven't really checked my blog much. I am back, though! 

This weekend I went on a trip down to San Marcos with one of my friends.  San Marcos is outside of Austin, in the hill country part of Texas. My friend goes to school down at Texas State University and is part of the cheerleading team.  She had an event she had to perform at and offered if I wanted to tag along.  Road trip with a friend? Of course I wanted to tag along! 

We set out early Saturday morning for the six hour trip down there.  The cool thing about road tripping with friends is that time flys!  When we got to San Marcos we ended up finding a hotel (a story in and of its self) and then she gave me a tour of the campus and the town before we headed off to her event.

Afterwards,  we went to the park where the river runs through and talked.  The river was so cold! We left once too many drunk people were messing around.  A late night, unhealthy (although a banana was purchased) snack run was a must, so Walmart was the next destination. We ate snacks and watch SNL until too tired to function.

The next morning, we perused the outlets until 2, when we drove over to Austin to pick up her mother from the airport.  All in all it was a very fun trip! It's always great to go see new things, and spend time with friends!

I didn't get to take a photo of the river because it was late at night so here is a photo of it I found online 

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