June 30, 2015

Trip to Mississippi State

This past week has been chop full of so many important decisions.  As several of y'all may know I am transferring from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to a university for landscape architecture.  Texas A&M was my first choice since January, but I didn't hear back from them until last Monday.  I was accepted into Mississippi State University's Landscape Architecture program and had already signed up for the Transfer orientation before I received my admissions letter from A&M.  I went on to Mississippi and really did enjoy it! The people were incredibly friendly, the campus was beautifully landscape, and the professors were great.  I had a few things though that made me uneasy and decided to go check out TAMU that following Friday.  I really fell in love with A&M. After talking with an advisor and getting a tour of the Architecture building (well, one of the buildings anyway.) I felt very comfortable with the Atmosphere. While being away from home really isn't too much of a problem for me (after all I lived 1000 miles away and only left because I was unhappy with the education I was receiving), the advantage of only being 3.5 hours away can be handy if I wanted to escape the dorm life for a weekend.  Let's face it, dorms aren't really the poster child for fine living.  And between my dad's health and my own, I think the closeness will have its benefits.  It was one of the toughest decisions I've probably ever made, and I can only hope that TAMU will be the right decision.

During the drive down to Mississippi, I took some photos.  Unfortunately, there was a really bad haze in the air and I didn't know how to adjust my camera to accommodate for that. C'est la vie.  Also on the way back to Texas I went through a thunderstorm and was able to see ball lightning. It's a pretty rare phenomenon and I feel privileged to have been able to see that.

I went ahead and found some photos online of both Mississippi State Univerisity campus and Texas A&M University campus.

Landscape Architecture Building at Mississippi State.

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