August 31, 2014

Dorm life

Well I'm in minneapolis now! I'm all moved in to my dorm! My roommates are pretty awesome. All are very unique. The girl I'm sharing a room with, Emma, also enjoys doctor who and avatar so I'm super happy about that! And everyone at this campus is so friendly! We went bowling yesterday and I met some awesome people and today we have an RA meeting and then a movie night (the amazing spiderman 2!) here is what my dorm looks like. I did not included pictures if my roommates area because I felt like that was an invasion of their privacy. 

Our kitchen area

Living room 
Hallway with lots of closer space 
My side of the very small room with NO light
Top of my dresser
Command hooks are your friend if you have hair stuff and necklaces but not much space
Wall do dads
My roommates AMAZING poster!

Here is two of my roommates plus another friend bowling last night!

Taiko drum performance on the lawn of Mcad. So relaxing yet exciting 

And a view of the city! 

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