May 3, 2012

Metal Molds

Last Friday I went with my art class to UT Tyler College to make aluminum molds! It was very fun! The day before we had a student from the college come to our class with block of sand so we could carve out the design we wanted for the mold. I carved out an abstract kitty. The next day at UT we got to see them melt the aluminum down to liquid and then see them poor it. Remember that scene from the First harry potter movie when they show the unicorn blood? Thats what melted aluminum look like! We also got a tour of the campus. It was very nice! After the tour we got to take our molds out of the sand block and file down the extra metal that was on the mold. It was so much fun! Not to mention the day was absolutely gorgeous! I would loved to get a chance to do that again!

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