April 18, 2012

Weekly Nail: Nautical Nonsense Nails

Sorry For the post being late! I literally came home from school, changed into my Pjs, and crawled into bed for a long 5 hour nap! I'm still exhausted too! Also yesterday I did have something planned to post about but it ended up being canceled so I couldn't post! I'm sorry! Well Now lets get to today's weekly nail! It was inspired by me finding my Grandfathers old dog tag from when he was in the navy!

What you need:

1. Paint Nails a shade of Blue

2. Now cut tape into strips and place on nails

3. Paint space between tape white and when dry remove tape

4. Paint top of nail Red (pardon my fingers in this picture)

5. Now Paint an Anchor with gold paint on thumbs with paint brush

And Wah-la! You have some Nautical nails!

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