April 7, 2012

Sleepover Saturday: Musical Edition

As Promised I have another new weekly feature!! I actually got this Idea from one of my fave blogs, scathingly brilliant! I'm always having so many sleepovers with awesome friends that i thought this would be easy to write about!! This Week the slumber party theme is Musical slumber parties!

The Movie:
Mama mia!
I actually watched this movie at a sleepover not too long ago and fell in love with it! although towards the end there are a few too many songs but hey that's the point of a musical right? I'm still singing the songs over and over in my head...and out loud!

Yummy Goodies:
Pretty easy treats to make actually! Just a plan sugar cookie recipe and frosting! and they are the PERFECT treats for a musical party! Don't you agree?

The Playlist:

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The Games:
One word Karaoke! The perfect sleep over game that involves music! It's okay if you are an awful sing all that matters is having a good time! And if your having a good time nothing else matters!

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