March 19, 2012

Birthday Girl!

(bad picture taking lol)

(the awkward attempt to take a picture while holding something)

Today was my sweet 16th! It was a pretty good day all in all! Apart from for the first time in my entire life my birthday fell on a school day!! but oh well! When I woke up this morning my dad gave me my birthday present, this super cute fox tote and matching wallet i've been having my eye on for the past month. At school a recived several Happy Birthdays which made me feel happy! One of my good friends, Madison, actually gave me a really nice present, A mandalas drawing kit and a good book!! For dinner my dad took me out to Chili's (orignally we were going to go to Olive Garden but at the last moment i changed my mind lol) which was really good! ahh now time to study for my ever enpending quiz in AP world history!

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