February 29, 2012

Bubble Tea Experience!

So last weekend I was at a twirl competition down in Frisco,Tx (suburb area outside of Dallas/Fort Worth) I got 1st runner up which is like 2nd place! So I got a cool trophy! I performed at 4:30 and awards weren't until 9:00 so I had a LONG time to wait. My father and I ended up going to this little strip mall area to look at kittens! (Petsmart only had old cats though... But they were still cute!) While there though I found this bubble tea cafe called "Delish Bubble Tea" . I've read about bubble tea on some of my favorite blogs so obviously I had to try it! and it was FANTASTIC!!!! First you pick your tea base, then your flavor, and then your additive (tapioca pearls are the most common) It is so good and only has 271 calories for the whole thing ( which is actually more than you can finish)!!! I had a golden tea with coconut and tapioca pearls! It was heaven on earth! defiantly try some bubble tea if you get the chance!


  1. Hooray for another fellow blogger!

    I personally LOVE bubble tea. I just wish we had somewhere cool in Longview. :/

    1. I wish we did too! bubble tea is so great!