December 31, 2011

DIY: New Year's Resolution Calender

Hey! I'm never very good with keeping my New Year's Resolutions so this year I deciced I would make a calender with one goal I had to acheive every month. I think breaking up my goals this way will make it SOOO much easier to acheive! my goals this year include:
  1. Reach Goal Weight of 125
  2. Write a journal on happiness
  3. See an awesome concert
  4. go to Disneyland and meet Peter Pan
  5. Plant a Flower garden
  6. Get my Driver's license
  7. Get a job
  8. Learn to sew
  9. Have a manicure
  10. Throw a Killer party
  11. Learn tennis or dance
  12. Learn a new skill
I got the idea of using insagram photo's for the calender from "A Beautiful Mess" blog (which i would totally check out if I were you!) all you need to make these calender's are paper, glue, monthly calender, photos, string, and hole puncher. Give it a try and tell me what you think about this DIY! :) by the way sorry my messy hair in the picture I had just taken a shower and was letting my hair air dry to prevent too much heat damage.


  1. So the consert you can go with me to one(just saying) an dthe party we sould really have on becuz me and you come up with cool ideas for partys!!!! p.s Can't wait for all ths :)

    1. Defiantly!!! We should totally plan on doing that! Plus this year we need todo the water ballon fight on the last day of school! We couldn't do it last year because I was a sicky and I still have 600 water balloons lol