March 21, 2017

21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years

Howdy! I've been MIA these past few months because a lot of really big life changes have happened. I won't go into detail, but if there is anything these trials have taught me is that God has a plan for everything. With that being said, I just turned 21 y'all! I can legally consume adult beverages! Turn down for what!? People who know me and read that probably just laughed their butt off because I'm definitely not a party person. It is an empowering thought though to think that I legally can be a party animal. It's crazy to think I've been around for 21 years. In retrospect, 21 years isn't that long and certainly not old, but I've learned a lot in life. I still have a heck of a lot more to learn, but I thought I would share 21 things that I've learned in 21 years! 

  1.  Spend time with family: I know there will be points in your life when you think hanging out with your parents is hands down the lamest thing you can do.  You're wrong.  I was 14 when I watched my mom die. I was in that annoying early adolescent phase.  I regret it. All those times my mom offered to spend time with me and I opted to go to the movies with friends instead makes me cringe. What I would give just to have even one more argument with her if it meant we could speak again.  Take time to be with your family.  They may annoy you and maybe a little goes a long way, but make sure you get that little bit then.
  2. The most attractive people are the people with hearts of gold: I will swear by this again and again. Someone may not have the most attractive face, but if they are kind soul you'll never even think of them as anything but beautiful. "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone"- Audrey Hepburn
  3. Know your own worth: I don't care if you're like me and you have to write that you're a jewel and not a stone on your wall, just be sure to remind yourself that you are a worthwhile individual.  
  4. Don't let negative things foster hate in your heart:  Bad things happen. It's life. Don't let the suffering you experience turn your heart cold. Instead, let those things be a chance to learn compassion. After all, compassion is what binds us to one another.
  5. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh: I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine! You sad? Laugh! You sick? Laugh! You stressed? Laugh and then Laugh some more! Have people in your life that make you laugh and make you smile.  Those are the best types of people in the world.
  6. Don't stay in toxic relationships: Maybe it's a significant other or maybe it's a friend, either way if its toxic get out! This is probably the lesson I have the hardest time with. I'm always scared of angering other people that I don't watch out for my own well-being.  I think the thing to remember is that these people may not be bad people at all, they just are not good for you. It's ok to say goodbye. 
  7. Always talk to your pets: To them, you are their world. Animals show unconditional love. I think we can actually learn a lot about life from spending time with our pets. 
  8. Take care of your mental health: You aren't broken if you go talk to someone. In fact, you're showing a lot of self-love to put yourself outside of your comfort zone just to ensure your as happy as you can be. Sometimes it's just nice to talk to someone who doesn't have any invested interest to you and can be completely objective.
  9. Have inner strength: Like I said before don't allow your heart to become cold from suffering.  In dark times, hope is something you give yourself.
  10. The Golden Rule: Everyones heard it, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself".  It's straight forward, just treats everyone kindly.
  11. Keep walking till you find the next door: When one door closes, another one opens.  When we hit our lowest points in life, that when we are open to the greatest change. So when you find that next door, try out that room it leads too. 
  12. Acceptance: Denial does you no good. True wisdom begins when we accept things for the way they truly are
  13. Believe in yourself:  Believing in yourself goes along with inner strength. By doing this, no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear. 
  14. Take pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words! Years down the line you'll have so much fun reminiscing over all the old memories as you look at photos.  It doesn't matter if you aren't photogenic, take photos of yourself, of where you go, and who you are with!
  15. Go to new places: I may have not enjoyed my time in Minnesota, but I will be forever grateful I went. I grew a lot as a person from my experience freshman year. It was my first time ever being in a different culture. It's good to see that there are plenty of people with different outlooks and customs than you. 
  16. Go on adventures: Maybe it's a fun road trip across the country or just a hike to a nearby attraction, go have fun doing something new.
  17. Trust your gut: Your gut reaction is generally right. Trust it.
  18. It's ok to cry: There is nothing wrong with crying when you're sad. I mean, don't cry over spilled milk, but if your Champagne spills its ok to cry!
  19. Bring a Jacket: When you look at your weather app and tell yourself you won't be cold, know that you are lying and grab your jacket. You will be cold without it.
  20. Purchase your movie tickets ahead of time: I'm the queen of choosing sold out movies. Don't be like me. By your tickets in advance
  21. Love: Finally, love with all your heart. Love often and love generously. "A good life is one inspired by love"- Bertrand Russell 
I can almost assure you I got to rambling on some of those, but I hope you enjoyed reading about my outlooks on some things! I would say I'll be posting more often, but with finals fast approaching, I doubt I will. As always, I hope you enjoyed this post! 

January 29, 2017

DIY Donut Box

Howdy! School is in full swing, and so is all the homework. Bring on the mental breakdowns! Although, really school is off to a good start.  I finally found a small bit of time to post this DIY.  Who doesn't like donut themed items?? I know I do! 

I've had this little wooden box for so long, but I've never known what to do with it. Well, I have a little coffee machine in my room and I love to add stevia to my coffee. I decided this box would be perfect for keeping stevia! And what screams sugar more than a donut?  

I hope y'all enjoy this DIY!

Materials Needed:
Brown Paint
Pink Paint
3 Pastel Colored Paints
Circular Woodend Box

To begin the processes, take your brown paint and cover both the lid and box.  Light brown paint works the best in my opinion to mimic the color of donuts.  Be sure to paint with the direction of the wood grain. This will ensure a smoother paint job.  Paint about 3 coats allowing each coat to dry in between.

Next, once your lid is completely dry, take a pencil and lightly sketch the donut hole in the center as well as the shape of your frosting. Now using your pink paint carefully paint the shape of your frosting.  My pink paint was incredibly old and liquidy, so this took me roughly 5 coats and a lot of patience to get the paint to go on smoothly.  3 coats should do for new paint!

The final step is super easy.  Simply take your three other paint colors and using a small brush, paint on sprinkles.  Make sure to paint your sprinkles sporadically and in different directions to give the box that real donut feel! 

Allow your lid to fully dry, and then you are ready to use your donut box!! Heck, if you have donut holes your saving for a snack this would even store them! I promise this box is so useful and I instantly know where my sugar is now!

January 16, 2017

DIY Gemstone Pencil Holder

Howdy! Well, classes begin again for me tomorrow, but before I hit the books once again I wanted to share a DIY that is perfect for holding all your school supplies! When I was shopping at Target for planner supplies I found this adorable wooden geometric pencil holder.  My first thought was it looks like a gemstone!  So I thought I would share how I painted it to give it that real gemstone look. Hopefully, Y'all enjoy!

Materials Needed:
Wooden Geometric Pencil Holder
Three paint shades in the same color
Glitter Spray
Felt (optional)

To begin, paint each triangular section a different shade of color. Be sure when doing this that none of the shades are repeated side by side. I actually went through before painting and labeled what each section would be painted. This helped me avoid messing up the paint. When you're painting, make sure to go in the direction of the wood grain. If you don't, it doesn't look near as smooth.  I had to use about two coats total.

Using your darkest shade, paint the inside. Then let your whole project dry for about 30 mins.

This next step is optional, but I added felt to the bottom of my pencil holder so that the wood wouldn't scratch my desk.  Once your project is dry, take your felt and place your pencil holder on top. Using a marker or fabric pencil trace the outline of the holder. Then, cut out the shape and carefully glue the felt onto the bottom using hot glue.

Finally, to give your pencil holder that gemstone glow, spray paint the holder with crystal colored glitter spray. This not only seals the paint in but now it will be as shimmery as a diamond! Your new gemstone holder is perfect for holding markers, pencils, rulers, scissors, and anything else you can think of! Good luck to everyone in this upcoming semester and I hope this DIY works for you!

January 14, 2017

2017 Cheap Personal Planner

Anyone saw Rouge One yet? I've seen it four times now and I feel like I'm going into this new year like Chirrut chanting "I'm one with the force and the force is with me". I'm already stressing over the spring semester and it hasn't started yet!  You know what always helps me feel a little less stressed during the school year? A planner! The only problem is whenever I buy one at the store I never use it.  I always would end up just using notebook paper to plan stuff out.  Well, to solve this problem, last fall I decided to make my own planner!

 I bought a cheap small binder at Target in their dollar section and printed out my own pages to use. I found that the Scattered Squirrel has hands down the best printable planner pages! I also found tons of cheap planner accessories at Target as well! I don't think I paid more than 1 dollar for anything other than my binder which was 3.  In total, I think my overall planner only cost me $10 and I use it so much that I beat the first one I made up!  

I thought I would go through and share each element of my planner and how I use it to give you some ideas for creating the perfect planner for you!

On the cover of my binder, I attached these two sticky notes. What I love about the weekly/monthly notepad is that it is perfect to log in my workouts! Rather than giving myself a set amount of workouts I must do each week, I find it easier to fill in the days I did work out and then at the end of the month compare how much I actually accomplished. 

I also keep a little blank notepad at the front so that I can write something down real quick and then later when I have more time, I can fill it in more detail on a different page.  And of course, the binder clip is there in case I ever need to attach something or clip some papers together. I also have paper clips inside my pencil pouch I have on the front page.

My planner begins with my monthly section. Inside of this, I have pages for monthly goals and calendar pages. The monthly goal pages are perfect for me to put down important dates, and really list out my main focuses for the month.  I feel that if I put down the information in these pages onto the calendar pages I would never pay much attention.  Doctors appointments, deadlines for scholarships, or things I need to pay are typical items for these pages. Oh, and I apologize for my oddly cut page below, it was late when I was cutting these out.

In the calendar pages, I mainly put down events, assignments, and upcoming birthdays.  I feel that it's important to remember people's birthdays. One of my new year's resolutions is to write letters for every person birthday I can remember to help them feel important on their special day. Marking them in my planner helps me with that. 

The following section in my planner is the Weekly section. This includes pages to help me organize the things I want to accomplish that week (i.e. what to buy, goals, things to do, places to go, and people to see) and daily pages that I typically go into more detail with my week plans on. 

The next section is food. Not going to lie, I don't use this section too much during the semester because I typically eat on my campus due to hardly leaving the studio.  But during breaks, this page helps me so much! As you can see below, the school week meal plans I provide myself are very vague.  

Also in this section is a shopping list for all the items I need to pick up the next time I run to Walmart! Have this in the planner is very helpful when I think of something I need to get randomly in the day. 

I'm a poor college kid, so managing what little money I do make is essential! The finance section of my planner helps me with that! I can keep track of what I've spent, my current balance, and how much I should allow for certain items. I highly recommend including a financial section in your planner!

This next section is one of my favorites: Goals. I have pages for both long term and short term goals. I'm always developing new things I want to accomplish and having and organized list of these with descriptions and plans to help me reach these goals is both inspiring to me and helps to keep me focused with life gets me down.

Finally, is my notes section. In this section, I just have blank pages that I use to take notes in my classes or jot down ideas.  I love this for school because It allows me to have all my notes and schedule in a uniformed place making it easy for me to refer back to things! And I can doodle when I get bored! 

I have an additional zipper pouch in the back where I keep a plethora of planner accessories I may need.  These include stickers, cute notepads, colorful pens, and washi tape! These items all help the planner to be more personal and add a touch of fun and life too! 

I hope this gives you some ideas of how you want to create your own planner and I hope this year is the best year yet! "Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one". 

DIY Kitty Planter

Howdy! The time is MEOW to make this adorable planter (you see what I did there?).  I see this DIY everywhere on Pinterest and think it's the cutest thing ever! I thought I would share the process of how to make one (or two).  Just imagine if I turned in one of my landscape architecture projects where the design had these planters as all of the pots for potted plants. My professors would be like
 "You've got to be KITTEN me right MEOW" (oh, I'm laughing at my own jokes as I type this).

Materials Needed:
Old Soda Pop Bottle
Xacto Knife
White Paint
Pink Paint Pen 
Real or Fake Plant

To begin, take your sharpie and outline the shape of a cat. Carefully begin to cut the shape out using your Xacto Knife.  You can also do this with scissors, but it is much harder in my opinion. If you are using scissors, I suggest pressing the bottle together as much as possible and cut a small slit into the bottle. This will allow you to insert your scissors to cut the plastic. 

 Next Using your white paint, cover the entire cat.  This takes roughly 3 coats.  Spray paint can also work, but if it is cold outside you might have some issues (I did so I switched to acrylic paint.) Once the paint is completely dry, use your sharpie to draw the whiskers, mouth, and eyes onto your kitty. Using your pink paint, draw a little heart for the nose.  To add an extra dash of cuteness, take your pink paint and put little paw pads on the bottom of the planter.  

Finally, place either your real or fake plant into the planter.  If using fake, be sure to avoid hot glue to make the plant stay because this will alter the planter. Now you can have your plants in style! Of course, this DIY can easily be modified to be a bunny or any other animal you wish! Be creative!