August 21, 2017

DIY Ring Holder

If you read my blog regularly (if you don't, make sure to sign up for the email list so you can!) then chances are you know I am obsessed with cacti! I am a landscape architecture student after all! So when I saw a cactus ring holder for sale, I knew I wanted to make my own DIY ring holder.  Let me tell y'all, this DIY ring holder may be my favorite DIY I've ever done for Cherry Blossom. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do!

Materials Needed:
Air Dry Clay
2 Green Paints
Black Paint
Your Choice of Paint
Glossy Mod Podge
Wood (optional if needed)
Flower (optional)

To begin, you'll want to take the air dry clay and create an oblong shape, two "L" shaped pieces, and a bowl shape. With the bowl shape, you'll want to try the best you can to make the bottom flat. If it's not flat your ring holder won't stay up. Don't worry though! If it doesn't dry as flat as you need it, that's when the wood comes in clutch (but more on that later).  Allow your shapes to dry completely.

Once all your pieces are dry, you'll take the oblong shape and hot glue the "L" pieces offset on either side of it. These will be your cactus's arms. Next, take your darker green paint and paint the cactus. While, that drys, take your other paint color and give the bowl a nice coating. Once your cactus is dried, take the lighter green and add little stripes along the body of the cactus. Additionally, you'll take your black paint to give the cactus a Kawaii face! (You can always leave this part out though if you prefer). Once all you paint is dry, give the cactus and the bowl a generous layer of Mod Podge.

Now get that glue gun ready! Glue your cactus to the middle of the inside of the bowl. If you need more balance, this is when you'll glue your small wood piece to the bottom of the bowl for stability. And finally, if you choose to add a flower, glue it to the top of the cactus. 

Now you have a kawaii DIY ring holder! It's such a cute touch to any room! I adore it! If you want more plant themed DIYs check out the cactus pillow, picture pillow, cactus mouse pad, and kitty planter!

August 16, 2017

DIY Popsicle Bag

If you give me the choice between popsicles or ice cream, I will always choose a popsicle! With that being said, I saw this adorable sequin popsicle shirt at Victoria Secret Pink (and with that, I lost all my male readers).  This gave me the idea of creating a tote bag that was also had a sequin popsicle on it! 
I, unfortunately, couldn't find a big tote like I was hoping, but I seriously recommend doing this DIY Popsicle Bag on any bag you find!  

Materials Needed:
Tote Bag
Red, White, and Blue Sequins
Popsicle Stick
Miter Saw

To begin, take a colored pencil and lightly trace your design. This will help you determine the amount of your popsicle stick you will need. Draw a line where you need to cut your popsicle stick.  The best way to cut it is to use a miter saw for a clean edge.  Be careful! Saws can be very dangerous! Even small ones! Once your popsicle stick is cut hot glue it to your bag.

Now using your sequins, begin to hot glue them onto your popsicle design you have sketched. The order should be Red, White, and then Blue. I used a pencil to help me get the sequins into place. 

Finally, just to add an additional touch of cuteness, I cut a small piece of ribbon and tied it into a bow around the strap. 

Now you've got the perfect summer DIY popsicle bag.

August 15, 2017

Mean Girls Makeup Brush Bag

There is a good chance that if you live in the Western world, you have watched (and probably re watched) Mean Girls. After all, Mean Girls is "So Fetch"!  I definitely believe there was a solid year in my life when I watched Mean Girls at literally every sleepover I attended. It's just such a good movie!  Well, the other week I was perusing Facebook when I came across a Mean Girls inspired makeup brush bag! I know I for one really wanted it! Of course, then I saw the price tag... Definitely too poor. 

That gave me an awesome idea to DIY a Mean Girls makeup brush bag.  Honestly, this DIY only cost like 4 dollars and is much more practical than even my store bought brush bags.  So put on your pink attire, and let's get to creating this DIY Mean Girls Makeup Brush Bag! 

Materials Needed:
Pink Pencil Box
Pink, White, and Black Paint
Red or Pink Sequins
Glossy Mod Podge
Black Sharpie
Pink Felt
Elastic Ribbon
Makeup Brushes (optional)

To begin, you'll want to measure out with your felt the area you'll need to cover the inside of your pencil box.  Once you have this all measured out, cut the felt and glue it to the bottom of the inside. Determine how many brushes you'll want to store in your box. Then, take your elastic ribbon and hot glue it to the felt in the increments needed for all the brushes. This will be where your brushes will be placed to secure them.  

Now if you happen to have a small mirror, I totally recommend gluing it to the top inside of your pencil box! I, however, could not find a mirror that would work so I didn't do this step, but I think it would be awesome for this DIY.

Now that the inside of your box is done, it's on to the fun part: Decorating!  You're going to want the outside of your box to resemble the infamous Burn Book. I begin by using a sharpie to outline the different letters. If you're more daring, feel free to skip the sharpie step and go straight to painting. Then with paint, start coloring in all the different elements. Honestly, the messier your are the better it looks!  Once the paint is all dry, take your mod podge and give the box a nice glossy coating. The final step for decorating the box is to take your sequins and glue them in the shape of lips! Mine wasn't super spot on, but I think it gets the message across! 

Now this step is completely optional, but the real bag came with Mean Girls inspired makeup brushes as well.  I found some cheap brushes and quickly wrote some different quotes on each brush. Let's just say I should work on my handwriting (and I call myself an architecture student ha ha!).

Now you've got yourself a DIY Mean Girls Makeup Brush Bag! (or box) The best part, you can even store makeup in the box! It is super travel friendly! I hope you enjoy this DIY! Let me know below!


August 2, 2017

DIY Mouse Pad

There is always a list of laptop accessories that you need. The item that always seems to top that list is a mousepad. I mean you can't even use a mouse without a mouse pad! While mouse pads are relatively inexpensive, so many of them just are plain ugly. Luckily for y'all, I've got the perfect DIY mouse pad!

I'm all about the cacti theme that is in style currently (landscape architecture nerd here!), so when coming up with a design for my DIY mouse pad I settled on making mine a cactus. I've seen this geometrical pineapple on Pinterest and loved the design, I decided I would apply the geometrical look to my cactus DIY mouse pad!

I hope you enjoy this DIY mouse pad! Comment below if you do!

Materials Needed:
Cork Board
3 Paint Colors
Mod Podge
Tassel Ribbon

To begin, take a colored pencil and begin outlining how you want your cactus DIY mouse pad to look.  This took me a few times to actually get it how I wanted. Luckily, it's very easy to erase pencil on cork!  After you have the shape lined out, start drawing the geometric pattern on your cactus mouse pad.

Next, determine what colors you want in what geometric shape. You want to make sure the same color isn't side by side. I even left a few blank to let the cork show through.  Once you've determined each geometric color, simply begin to paint the shapes!

Once all your paint is dry take some glossy mod podge and give your DIY mouse pad a nice coat. Now once the mod podge is dry, cut out the mouse pad.

Finally, take your ribbon and begin to glue it around the perimeter of the  DIY cactus mouse pad. Once that is all glued, you are good to start surfing the internet with your fancy personalized mouse pad!

July 27, 2017

DIY Sushi Cell Phone Holder

Cell phone holders are such an important room accessories. If you're a millennial like me, then chances are you fall asleep with your phone. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have found my phone under my bed the next morning.  What if you had a cute way to keep your phone beside you at night but not lose it the next morning? (side note: has anyone else ever read those stories about phones burning people when they fall asleep?) Well good news, I've got the perfect DIY cell phone holder for you! That is if you like sushi! (I personally only really enjoy the vegetarian sushi but to each their own) This cute sushi phone holder is so simple and cheap to make and works perfectly.

Materials Needed:
Styrofoam Cube
Air Dry Clay
Glossy Mod Podge

To begin, you will mix your gray and green paint to get the optimal seaweed color. Of course, if you already own a paint color similar feel free to use it! Once the paint is evenly mixed begin to paint the 4 sides of the cube. Once that paint is dry, you can take some white paint and add a kawaii face to the sushi. This step is optional of course.

While your paint is drying, take your air dry clay and begin rolling tiny balls.  You will need roughly 40 give or take a few. Because they are so small they shouldn't take long to dry.

In the meantime, take your now dry styrofoam and using your cell phone, trace and outline onto the top where you'd like your phone to rest. Once your cell phone bottom is traced, take either scissors or an X-Acto knife and begin carving out the styrofoam. ( I personally don't trust myself with X-Actos because I've been known to throw them if I get startled...). You 'll have to go about a third of the way through the cube.  Additionally, you can carve all the way through a small hole on the bottom for a power charger if you want to!

Now, take your clay balls and begin to hot glue them around the opening on the cube.  Once they are all glued, take orange paint and give the clay balls some color.

Next, Take your chopsticks and hot glue them crossing one another on the back side of your sushi phone holder.

Now that each element is all glued, cut, and dried use your mod podge to give a nice gloss to the sushi! Now you have a fabulous cell phone holder that all of your friends will be envious of!  Anyone else hungry for sushi after this?? I hope y'all enjoyed!