December 11, 2017

DIY Pokemon Craft

So, I heard you wanna be a Pokemon master? Wanna catch 'em all? Well, good thing you stopped by because boy do I have the DIY Pokemon craft for you! Who needs poke balls when you could carry around your favorite Pokemon in style? And by style, I, of course, mean in a cute personalized suite case for your favorite little pocket monster! "Come with me the time is right, there is no better team" to make this awesome craft! (Too cheesy using the lyrics?) 

Materials Needed:
Wooden Mini Suitcase
Air Dry Clay
Glossy Mod Podge
Colored Paper
Optional: fake water, fake trees, moss, etc.

To begin, you'll want to use a brown paint to give color to your wooden suitcase. Only paint the outside of your suitcase and the inner edge. I had to use about 2 coats of paint to get a good coverage. Allow this paint to dry completely and then using a gold paint and paint the corners of your suitcase. This gives your suitcase an added detail to really bring it to life. Use Mod Podge to give your suitcase a nice coating. 

Next, you'll want to paint the inside of your suitcase to correspond with the Pokemon you choose (Bulbasaur I Choose You!)

Next, You'll want to use your paper to start cutting out different shapes that once again correspond with the Pokemon you choose. For Bulba, I cut out different leaf and grass shapes. You will then glue these shapes around the suitcase. To achieve this. Bend the bottom of the paper to make a base for each paper shape so that you can apply glue to the paper. 

Now for the fun part. Take your air dry clay and roll a ball. Now depending on what Pokemon you choose, you will use your clay to make shapes that your Pokemon has. For example, Bulba has a bulb on his back, feet, and two ears, so making the ear consists of two triangles, the feet are two smaller balls, and the bulb is a rounded pyramid shape.

Once your pieces are dry, hot glue them all together.  To finish off your Pokemon, paint the figure to match and use mod podge to give the lil' fella a nice gloss.

To finish up your suitcase, hot glue your Pokemon to the center of the back portion of the case.

Now, you're a Pokemon Master!! Much better than Poke balls, am I right? I hope you enjoy this DIY Pokemon craft! 

DIY Serving Tray

Okay, I love to eat in my room. I know, I know it's not good to eat in the room, but it's just so cozy to do so sometimes! At least if I am eating in my room I use my awesome DIY serving tray! I actually made my first one when I came home for Thanksgiving freshman year at MCAD and it has just been so handy! If I am sick, I can just stay and bed and eat my meal without having to expend too much energy. It helps keep my room clean too!  

With so many advantages, you should make a DIY serving tray as well!

Materials Needed:
Wooden Tray
Glossy Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper
Flowers (optional)

Start off by painting your tray what ever color you want. Don't worry about painting the bottom, this will be covered by paper.  After your tray has been painted and is finished drying, take your scrapbook paper and measure out the amount you need to cover the bottom of the tray. This generally takes about 2 pieces of paper for me. Cut your paper out once you have the dimensions.

Then, take your mod podge and paste the scrap book paper to the bottom of the tray.  Also give a generous coating of mod podge to the top of the paper as well. While you're doing this, if you want to add flowers this is the time to put them down and cover them with mod podge so that they will stay.

Once everything is dry, you're good to begin using your tray! Pretty simple right! Happy midnight snacking in bed y'all!

DIY Watermelon Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is super important, especially if you live in the South! I can't actually tell you how many times I've had to go to the hospital for dehydration. Thankfully, with this cute DIY watermelon inspired water bottle, I feel super inspired to always be drinking! 

For this tutorial, watermelon is the inspiration for the water bottle, but of course, you can create any fruit you want!

Materials Needed:
Water Bottle
Red, Green, and White Paint
Glossy Mod Podge

To begin, Paint the base of the bottle green. Next, paint a smaller section white. Then paint the rest of the bottle red. Once the red is dry, take a small paint brush and black paint and add little "seeds" on top of the red portion. 

Once all your paint is dry, take your glossy mod podge and give your bottle a nice covering that will seal in the paint and help it be water resistance! 

That's it! Now you're ready for a run with your cute DIY watermelon water bottle! Stay Hydrated y'all!


If you've checked out the adds on the side of my blog before then you may know I am affiliated with  Blurb is a website where you can make photo albums and scrapbooks from your images. It is honestly such a great website! 

They offer two different style templates, bookwright and bookify. Bookwright gives you more control over fonts, positions, colors, layouts etc. where as bookify is straight forward and ready to use templates. Within each style, you can choose from different category books. If you're making a baby album there is a choice for that or if you're documenting your adventures across the world there is also an option for that! 

Blurb is very simple to use! You just upload your photos and then edit your book till it's the perfect album for you! Once you have the format complete, you can choose different paper, bounding, and size options to purchase! Additionally, you can actually put your book you made on sale! This is a fantastic option if you're an artist! You get to keep 100% of your profit and Blurb will take care of all the shipping and handling! Talk about a win win scenario! 

I made a photo album of my trip to New Orleans last year to see my grandparents as a gift for my grandmother. I can't even tell you how happy I am with the results! The print quality is amazing! I've tried other online photo album websites before and my main complaint is that the photos become so pixelated when it is printed. Not with Blurb though!!

Not only is the quality phenomenal, but the pricing is very reasonable! Much cheaper than competitors like Shutterfly for what you get. 

I highly recommend Blurb, and not just because they advertise on my page! If you have some digital photos you want to be printed into an album I definitely suggest checking out Blurb!

DIY Animal Mason Jars

If you read my "Apartment Tour and Benefits of Living on Campus" post then chance are you saw my DIY Animal Mason Jars.  These have by far been such a cute and practical touch to my dorm room.  You can store so much in them, but they add a cuteness factor to plain storage. You could make a whole zoo worth of DIY Animal Mason Jars really!

These are simple and fun to make! Perfect for a college dorm room!

Materials Needed:
Mason Jar
Plastic Animal
Hot Glue
Spray Paint

To begin, you'll want to glue the lid of your Mason Jar together. If you happen to find some mason jars with the lid already assembled then you can skip this step! Next, take your plastic animal and hot glue the little fella to the top of the lid. Your final step will be to spray paint your lid with the animal attached.  Now you have a cute animal mason jar to decorate your room with! 

September 26, 2017

DIY Earring Holder

Earrings are my all time favorite accessory. Some people are into bracelets, others its necklaces, but me, I am an Earring Gal. However, I hate digging around looking for the pair I want to wear, but I am also WAY too cheap to pay twenty dollars for an earring tree. That's why I came up with this awesome marbled DIY earring holder! It's the perfect size to put up my favorite earrings so that I am not digging around for all of them!

If you like earrings then this is the DIY earring holder for you!

Materials Needed: 
Mini wooden frame
Plastic Knitting Mesh

To begin,  paint your frame. To create a marbled look, I started by painting the frame one whole color and while it was still wet paint another color on top in certain sections, swirling the two.
Be sure to paint the back as well.

Once your paint is dry, take the insert of the frame, lay it on your mesh and trace the dimensions.  Then cut this out. This will give you the proper size to insert your mesh where a picture would normally go. I hot glued the mesh in place to secure it to the frame

Next, cut a small piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the back where it creates a loop. This will be your hanger! Finally, take your flower and glue it on for an added touch of girliness! 

Now you have an easy and cute earring holder that is like a 10th of the price of a normal earring tree.