July 5, 2018

Inner Space Cavern

Over spring break, I had an Interview in Round Rock, TX for a summer internship ( I got the offer! Didn't accept it though.), and decided that after my interview, I was going to make my 5-hour drive worth it.  About twenty minutes from Round Rock is Georgetown, where there is a 10000-year-old cave called Inner Space Cavern.

I had been when I was a lot younger, but honestly, I have hardly in recollection of that trip other than I loved it and wanted to be a tour guide afterward.  I was excited to go this time and actually experience the beauty of the cave.  Let me tell ya, Inner Space Cavern did not disappoint. 

There are a few tours that they offer there, the basic one, a slightly more adventurous one where you can go down smaller pathways, and one where you actually scale the side of the cave walls! I went for the cheap basic one because as Y'all know, I'm a broke college student.  

This tour takes you through the main path deep into the cave. It is amazing how chilly the air gets the further down you go. Along the way, the tour guide will explain different rock formations.  There are rocks that look like ice cream, bacon, castles, soda straws, you name it.  One of the coolest things the tour guide pointed out was the water in the cave.  Because the water from rain is filtered so well by the limestone rock, the water is almost 100% pure. He showed us this puddle that refracted the light so well that in reality, it was a 10 ft deep water hole. He also pointed out a super cute little bat.

Our guide also explained that Inner Space Cavern was discovered when the interstate was being built.  Apparently, the construction crew lost one of their drills and sent a man down into the hole to retrieve it an that is when the cave was discovered.

The only downside to the cave was one of the kids in the group decided to climb on one of the formations. Sure, you may think that sounds dangerous for the kid, but it literally killed that part of the cave.  The oils in our skin prevents the rocks from ever growing again.  So when you're down there you aren't allowed to touch anything other than the one designated section of cave wall you are allowed to touch (The glossy rock photoed below is what the looks like) 

Overall, super fun day trip. It made the drive worth it.  If you've ever been cave exploring let me know! Can't wait to hear your stories!

This is the photo of the dead cave wall

July 4, 2018

Sunflower Festival 2018

Another year, another Sunflower Festival in Gilliam, LA. This year's festival was different than previous ones. I didn't go with my friend, Tay. Instead, I went with my family. Which is a story for another time.  

The flowers in Gilliam where beautiful! Although, they were smaller than normal, but that can be chalked up to less rain in the spring than usual. Smaller flowers does mean that they were significantly easier to cut and take home as a souvenir. 

In case you haven't read posts from years past (which you totally should!), the Gilliam Sunflower Festival is an annual event in a small town outside of Shreveport, LA. It happens in early June when all the sunflowers are blooming. There is five-mile trail of sunflowers around the town, and several patches within the town.  There is also live music, country dancers, and a wide variety of vendors set up. Looking at all the vendors is always fun! They bring all their artisan crafts and food.  It's usually stuff you'd only see at events like this.

Overall, the flowers were as beautiful as always! If y'all ever find yourself in North Lousiana, you should totally go and check it out!

June 27, 2018

G. Hysmith Skate Park

Ever since 7th grade, I really wanted to learn how to skateboard. My parents even bought me a board when I was 12 so that I could learn. Of course, I'm a classic, accident-prone, clutz so my skateboarding career never really took off. Tony Hawk would be disappointed. 

I kept that skateboard though, trying every now and then to ride it, never really getting very far (pun intended). Ten years later and I can happily say I've officially stayed on that skateboard for longer than 2 seconds! As fate would have it, I'm with the "sk8ter boi" (yes, I did just make an Avril reference.) and he taught me how to ride! It started off to a rocky start but once I learned that I prefer to ride goofy (the term for basically riding left side dominate), I was able to make some good headway! Even can maneuver it a little to avoid obstacles! Noel tried showing me how to do some basic tricks, but I think he was getting a bit ahead of himself. 

When he decided to teach me, we looked up skate parks in the area and found one in South College Station, G. Hysmith Skate Park, and rode there. 

There was this little boy on his bike that was practicing in the pools, and he kept trying to show off for us, which was rather funny. Noel fell many times trying to do fancy tricks, all of which I caught on camera, you're welcome. Having been my first time at a skate park it was really fun! 

Of course, I wouldn't be much of a landscape architecture student if I didn't think about what went into designing the skate park. Honesty, after the experience I hope I get the opportunity to help design a skate park one day. I think it would be fun to play with the different elements to create a really amazing experience for skaters!

Do y'all skateboard? If so, let me know in the comments below!

Alpaca and Wine Festival

Let's be honest, Noah Davis from the latest season of American Idol is all of us when it comes to alpacas. Who wouldn't want an alpaca companion? They are fluffy, cute, and come in pairs! You know what else pairs well with Alpacas? Wine! That's why Peach Creek Vineyard's Alpaca and Wine Festival was the perfect start to Spring Break (I know, It's almost July... I'm a little late to blogging).

At the beginning of spring break, my good friend Lilo and I went to the Alpaca and Wine Festival, mainly for the alpacas but wine is always a nice touch. That's where I met the loves of my life, aka the five cute alpacas that where there! This was my first time ever really seeing Alpacas in person, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

As cute as Alpacas are, it was really interesting to learn more about them and their behaviors from the owners of Bluebonnet Hill Alpaca Farm. For example, when Harvey came through, they just let the alpacas out of the farm because they'd be able to find better shelter than if humans tried to shelter them. Really neat! Also, the fluffy guys had a lot of spunk! There were three young ones and two "teenage" ones. Needless to say, the teenaged ones had attitudes.

Of course, it's not an alpaca and wine festival without wine! There was a long line for the wine, but luckily Lilo and I were the last two people to get some frozen Port. It was nothing short of amazing! Plus, it was really hot for early March, so cold wine was so refreshing! After we got our wine, we just went and chilled in the field and talked.

All in all, if they have this event next spring, I am totally going!